Emulate the Better Aspects of IE for Vivaldi(without Hesitation)!

  • Hello Folks! Please refer to the enclosed Pictorial Description & help emulate this Better aspect of IE for Vivaldi Web Browser! The 'Meek n Weak' font rendering by Vivaldi cannot be addressed solely by incorporating ZOOM against every visible element, BUT by the way of incorporating an Exclusive 'Text-Size' feature from IE! People in general are observed often to make several Hit & Trials to render an Optimized & Uniform Text-size, but hardly succeed in their attempts to bring that subtle fidelity across all Web pages! Therefore, Please refer to the 'Traditional Knowledge' once again & help us differentiate b/w. the Visual Output on the basis of an Overall ZOOM & by just tinkering with the Text-size only! Can someone please guide on what exact Text-size figure relates to the LARGEST, LARGER, MEDIUM, SMALLER & SMALLEST? What are these precise values? Introduce 'TEXT-SIZE' over & above Page Zoom, because the latter is not the Answer for all visible woes! Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/76716/ZoomvsTextSize.jpg[/img]

  • I get the basic idea of your request and am sure something will be done in these areas in the future.
    Although I suspect it will be more in line with the current philosophy of having a "Reading Mode".

    However, I would take issue with you referring to IE as "Traditional Knowledge" 🙂
    Even Microsoft have NOT provided these "features" with their IE replacement browser EDGE - although I do not think that is an example of a good usability guide either 🙂


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