Please open source this(Vivaldi)

  • @Ayespy:

    People who want the whole thing open source obviously have the technical expertise to write their own browser. Mozilla and WebKit and Chromium are open source. Like Emdek has done with Otter, they ought to just download the source code for one of these and go ahead and write their own.

    It seems that you're confusing "want" with "demand". I would want, even wish, Vivaldi to be open source, but I don't demand it. That it's not open source doesn't mean that I won't use it, but that choice to use it comes with the proviso that I don't make such demands on it. So, yeah, ideally I want it to be open source, but I can live with it being closed source, particularly as I respect the ones developing it.

  • I support this

  • Am I the only one who thinks that nothing "good" ever comes for free?
    I am excluding open source from my statement.
    But if you keep it closed and NOT sell it, how can one be trusted to NOT follow commercial interests and selling your customers fetched data, with your code closed?

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    For people who find themselves unable to trust what proprietary software might be doing "behind their back" the solution is quite simple. Don't use it. Vivaldi will just have to survive without the one hundredth of one percent of potential users who simply must have any free software also be open source in order for them to be able to bring themselves to trust it.

  • applause. you got it all wrong.
    I am willing to pay for good software - but that seems not to be an option here.
    instead: the opposite of politeness in the community forum.
    -> enough reason to quit - even before it got started.

    To the devs: best of luck.
    Trolls: no food for you.
    me: out. bye.

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    Some source now at ;)

  • Thanks everyone for sharing your opinion. We heard you loud and clear. Jon von Tetzchner (CEO & co-founder of Vivaldi) shared his view on the topic here: A few words about Open Source & Vivadi
    We're closing the topic for today and hope you'll see our point too. :)

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