Please open source this(Vivaldi)

  • I REALLY like/love this implementation but please don't make the same mistake of the original Opera or even the Blink based Opera by keeping Vivaldi closed source if you can do it! You have the power since this is your new code base which can be a prime example of real new-age software development vs the old way of closed source thinking. Yes, you know that user-bases which are passionate about a project will "suck it up" and use this regardless but what is there to hide? Please let us as a community help or audit the code just for reassurance. You benefit from open code review and more eyes so is it too much to ask for? You MUST know the beauty of the open projects since your core is built upon open source which you are directly benefiting by. Many people would be more inclined to donate and help fund development if things were open to be seen too which is a nice synergy that happens which corporate heads and company guidance often miss. You'll gain SO MANY MORE users if you open source the code on this simply from peoples philosophies and the doubt you'll crush which people have newly but beneficially learnt in the past few years.

  • Sir, I couldn't agree more ;)

  • I agree with this! More users will decide to use this browser if it is a more open nature than other browsers. It will increase the "Power User Friendliness" of it. Love the browser! Keep up the great work!

  • I support this.

    The loss of True Opera was a sad day and I've been hopping from browser to browser ever since, never quite satisfied with any of them the way I was with Opera. If Opera had been open source, it could've been forked, letting True Opera continue while the pretender went off to do whatever.

  • I am a power user, and would consider using this browser if, and only if, it is open source. There are far too many disadvantages to using a closed source browser - security concerns (we have to take your word for it that it's "secure", rather than a whole host of skilled people who can review it and point out flaws), longevity concerns (will the browser persist the way you want it to, even if the creators decide to take it in a crappy direction?), etc…

    This browser will go no where if you keep it closed.

  • People already had a bad experience with Opera 12. Some of them switched to Opera 15 or another browser, some of them keep using old Opera. But in common, they disappointed in closed-source systems.

    Open sourcing vivaldi browser would be an opportunity to take Firefox's place in industry and community.

    Chromium, Blink and V8 are open source. You can leverage the development by making the rest open source. There is nothing to lose, idea is already yours. Let people to send pull requests in order to construct their favourite browser with you.

  • I too agree.

    I like how Vivaldi was released for Windows, MacOS X and Linux from the very start, but I'm a person who still uses the native Opera 12.16 on FreeBSD UNIX. One of the really great things (for me) with Opera was its immense cross-platform compatibility, being available for obscure systems even (there is 12.16 on freaking Symbian OS 9.x!!).

    Open sourcing it could potentially also help bring it to more platforms faster.

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    I agree TOO!

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    i'd like to know what's the Vivaldi's opinion about that

  • Disagree,
    I think the true opera fails because can't catch up with others and the board are too eager to earn money. What vivaldi need are real developers and a healthy community with a nice group of leaders. Opensource won't automatically solve this problem. But the community will split if facing big problems.
    Maybe a new kind of opensource is needed, not that of Linux, not that of Android.
    I think vivaldi can be more open, but not opensource, not yet at lease

  • Open Source doesn't automatically mean that the people will tear Vivaldi apart. There would still be the same core developers as before, and nobody can just "mess" with their version either. All it would do would be that people can port it to platforms the Vivaldi team has no time for or no interest in (like BSD UNIX, Solaris, etc.), and it would enable people to fork it.

    But that's about all?

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    Forking such a small (so far) project could spell the end of it, by drawing off vitally needed support. If the team cannot monetize the product sufficiently, it will not survive. It does not have the sort of built-in global support that Mozilla and Linux had in the early days, nor could it hope to gain it.

  • That of course is very true…

  • While I do agree that forking this amazing project could spell out its end, I also believe that this is a risk in which all open source projects have to take. 'A new modern browser, open-sourced from the start,' sounds very appealing today, and until the day in which I see that on this projects homepage, I will continue to use my firefox/opera mix. This project is simply beautiful, and I would love to be able to contribute, share my ideas, and help it grow.

    One last thing, sorry for reviving a (mostly?) dead post. I just felt it necessary to add my two-cents.

  • If Vivaldi ever would consider going Open Source - they will for sure not doing so in the beginning. Splitting a project in the early days from start is a dangerous thing which could indeed bring the end to it.

    BUT= Open Source would be a good thing which could bring tons of new users if Vivaldi has established a stable product and built up a healthy user-base.

    And indeed, opinions can change - take a look at the browser from Whitehat - started also out as closed source and is now open source - so no opinion is set into stone. But in the end it is the Vivaldi team's decision in which direction to go. Closed source is not evil and it is also not bad. And it does not mean closed source=spying out the user.

    And beside, Open source is no protector from stupidity and bad decisions. I - like many other Ex-users of Mozilla Firefox can say that loud and clear! Greed and bad decisions can inflict both side of the coin - no matter if OS or CS - Anyway,bashing closed source i utterly dislike! Again, it does not matter which direction one goes, when an organization decides to screw up, their licensing model is the least what the user has to worry about B)

  • Even if Vivaldi decided there was a benefit to going Open Source, I don't believe now is the time to do it. Keep in mind that Open Source doesn't automatically spell success.

  • I believe that most of the people here who ask loudly for an Open Source project, don't have any idea of what Open Source means, but even if they had I'm sure that none of them has ever tried to use Otter, Qupzilla, Fifth and so on, to not mention trying to help those projects.

    Come on, realize that Vivaldi is not Open source, realize that Vivaldi is a company who needs money to survive and pay its emplyers, realize that a good closed source project, from a trusted company (like the real Opera or vivaldi) is way better than a fake open source project like mozilla, chrome, open office and so on.

  • I like the idea of making Vivaldi open source, however, I don't think it's the right time yet.

  • I second this. There is no way I can trust Vivaldi if it is not open source. I can understand that you would not want to make it Open Source this early, but please at least make a commitment that you will in the future after a security audit. Perhaps provide a roadmap?

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    Open sourcing Vivaldi might lead to adopting Vivaldi's features to other browsers as Chrome or Opera is (because of the same base - chromium - and open-sourced features from Vivaldi… Vivaldi would lose all gain.)

    It's like have a wife and tell your neighbours that they can f*ck her and even take her car which I have bought...

    This would be a step to lose a lot of potential users and get other group of potential users... It depends which community is bigger and if there is and open-sourced browser to take-over these who wants open-sourced project but can't find any good and (plan to) use Vivaldi for now.

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