Vivaldi defeats X-Mouse functionality by jumping z-order

  • I use X-Mouse type functionality on windows, so I can focus a window which isn't top of the stack just by moving the mouse. But if I do this with Vivaldi, it jumps to the front as if I had clicked on it. The only other app I've come across which does this is a 12-year old copy of Lotus Notes, so I suppose it has an excuse 🙂 Please don't assume because it has the focus it must be at the top of the stack... I regularly use this for cutting & pasting from other apps, and Chrome is happy to stay put, so I'm presuming it's something in Vivaldi itself...

  • Moderator

    On one of my PCs Vivaldi steals focus (forces itself to foregorund) if i want to use PuTTY (a SSH client).

    Vivaldi Final has a bug which forced stealing focus from other apps, but the developers work on it as i saw internally.
    I hope next Snapshot will fix it.


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