Browser kinda slow?

  • Am I the only one with a browser with slow responses? It takes a while until the browser parses my links or do any other activity such as simply opening the menu, creating a new tab or even changing tabs. These miliseconds are small but they make a difference, my experience in other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox is faster. Edit: every time I click a link it takes a while until it starts to load, navigating this forum hasn't been a good experience. Edit2: When I tried to update it (I thought my version was not the last one) I got an error saying that my version of [b]Google Chrome[/b] (that's right) was already the most recent one.

  • Your Observations are quite relevant as the Performance of the Vivaldi Browser does appear 'Compromised' to a Gr8 extent & portrays a typical impression of (as if) being on a 'Constipated' Internet Connection, the one recognized by Great Lags & Latency & severe Packet Losses!

  • Seems like it's mostly this forum…maybe the influx of users due to release has been bogging it down.

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