Email-Access through the Panel & Tool-bar!

  • Hello There! Won't it be a Great Idea to let the Registered Users access their email Accounts directly through the entry/Button listed on the Left-showing Panel & through the Toolbar listed atop!? If the email access right from within the Browser were publicized as a USP by your Browser, where's the relevant option to access the same? & Yes, by the way how can we 'Customize' the Toolbar to add preferable Icons? I tried 'Right-Clicking' on the Inactive Icons in the hope of seeing --"Customize Toolbar", but the Right-Clicks didn't invoke any response! Please apprise on the method to ADD a MAIL Icon/Button on the Left-hand Panel, & on the Browser Toolbar! Help will be sincerely appreciated. Thank you.

  • The vivaldi devs are working on the mail feature, so I guess it will be implemented soon…. 😉
    As for the tab bar customization, currently it is not possible..... :dry:
    I hope it will be implemented in the future.... 🙂

  • Hello werty8763!

    Please do make sure to expedite an access to the email from within Browser! Lastly, What about the Claim that the end Users won't be requiring that many Extensions? I mean, without a Credible Ad-Blocker….entire Web-pages appear all spewed-up! with Ads, Trackers & every imaginable Distraction material!

    Please think about hosting a -- RECOMMENDED EXTENSIONS till you Guys equip Vivaldi for the role of a One-Stop-Solution! Thanks.

  • Vivaldi uses the extensions from Chrome store. (Tolls/Extensions -> Get more extensions)

    So e.g.
    for Ad-blocker : I use uBlock
    & for Trackers : I use Ghostery

    The "claim" you refer to is about customising the appearance/UI of the browser. The idea being that you will not need extensions to rearrange toolbars / themes etc. But this is still a work a work in progress - there are more being worked on as you read this 🙂


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