Moom and vivaldi

  • Window resizing doesn't work properly with moom (which is a crucial app for me as I'm working with big screens). There is a workaround though: Put Vivaldi into fullscreen- and then back to windowed-mode again. However the "activation zone" of the moom-popover is misplaced to the top a bit. This has to be done with every open Vivaldi-window.

  • Resizing and moving Vivaldi windows seems to work normally if you do it via Keyboard Maestro or AppleScript. I wonder what Moom does differently. Or is it not so much the resizing/repositioning itself but more the triggering of it that does not work?

  • Actually, the resizing itself isn't really the issue but activating the popover of moom which is supposed to appear when hovering the green resize button on the top left (which btw. has never been an issue with any other app).

  • That makes more sense then. There definitely seems to be something slightly wonky about Vivaldi's window implementation on OS X.

    For example, the systemwide "Move focus to next window" keyboard shortcut to cycle though windows is broken in such a way that it only allows you to switch between the two most recently used windows in Vivaldi. I've never experienced anything like that in any other application.

  • I turned on use native window in preferences and Moom works as expected. In the custom window format it would not work so there is a work around but it makes the browser less pretty.

  • I just figured out that in "native window"-mode, the tab groups don't work anymore. So unfortunately it's not an option 😞

  • It works fine for me in 1.1

  • Vivaldi is now on v1.7 and this is still an issue. Any chance it can get fixed?

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    @srg: There's ongoing work on windows, tabs and popups. It may affect this.

  • Two years on and resizing windows is still not functioning. Just tried with Vivaldi 10.15 on macOS 10.13.4. Any updates?


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