Certain actions occur in the wrong window, when multiple windows are open.

  • I'm not sure if this occurs on multiple platforms, so feel free to move this if it can't be confirmed on non-linux machines. Some actions such as, e.g., raising the Vivaldi window when a link is opened from another application, will happen to the wrong window.

    Example: I have 2 windows open (windows A and B). Window B was the last active window. I have another application, a messaging client, from which I'm sent a link to a video. I click on the link, and as window B was most recently active, the URL opens in that window. However, the window that Vivaldi 'raises', and makes active, is window A.

    This also happens with a good many chrome extensions I can install in Vivaldi, e.g., the Copy All URLs plugin won't work right with multiple windows open for me.

    Platform: Arch Linux 64bit. Vivaldi version: 1.0.430.3 (Developer Build) dev (64-bit)

  • Yeah, I run into this constantly daily and it's a real pain.

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