Password storage and other features compared to Opera 12.x

  • Hello, After testing Vivaldi 1.0 it seems promising, but there is very diasppointiung feature: Apparently, the password manager stores passwords in the google chrome account (cf. link: vivaldi://settings/passwords). Is this due to the underlying chromium engine? Even if passwords are encrypted, this is an absolute no-go for users who are not logged in to the google account, for users who want to store their passwords on the local computer (such as in Opera 12.x), for users who do not want to use software as keypass etc., and for users who prefer private browsing. We would appreciate it very much if the Vivaldi developers make the password storage customizable and give an option to disentangle password storage from google chromium (google chrome account). Will this be done?

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    It stores them in an encrypted file in the User Data/Default folder called "Login Data."

  • Thank you very much for your answer.
    Meanwhile I also found out more about Vivaldi and how this works.

    Vivaldi is a very good browser already at version 1.0 and I am looking forward to enjoy it further.

    All the best, Eva


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