Respect OS file associations for PDF files in Downloads Panel

  • Since NPAPI plugins are now non functional in Chrome/Chromium/Vivaldi, Adobe's Acrobat Reader plugin does not work anymore and we have to put up with the Chromium PDF Viewer internal plugin or a Chromium extension (e.g. [url=]PDF Viewer[/url]). The problem is that Vivaldi's Downloads Panel captures the file URI scheme. Thus, if you select to download a PDF file (by right clicking on a link or by using the plugin's button to download the PDF that is being viewed in a tab), and decide to open/double click the file in the Downloads Panel, it's treated as file://<file path="" where="" the="" file="" is="" saved="">/filename.pdf and it is opened in a new Vivaldi tab, instead of being opened with the system's default application (e.g. Skim, Preview, Adobe Actobat). Is there a way to change this annoying default behaviour ? And where is the much needed "Open With" context menu for the downloads in the Downloads Panel or the great MIME types and files extensions handling functionality of the classic Opera ?</file>

  • Yes.
    I wish to associate PDFs with and open in, foxit.

    Is this possible ?

  • Moderator

    Yes. If you set a PDF reader program in your Mac to handle the PDF mimetype and file type.

    1. open vivaldi://plugins
    2. In Plugins window select "Details"
    3. Select Disable in section "Chromium PDF Viewer"

    Now if you open a PDF, you can select "Open" in download popup and after download completed the file will be opened in Mac's PDF viewer.

  • @Gwen-Dragon said in Respect OS file associations for PDF files in Downloads Panel:

    3. Select Disable in section "Chromium PDF Viewer"

    I can't untick the box. Any idea why?

  • Moderator

    @Amaruk Please click below Chromium PDF Viewer (2 files) on the Disable link.

    That does not work on Mac, strange.


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