FFmpeg version

  • What version of FFmpeg does Vivaldi use? For Opera (from stable to developer) at the moment I compile local version of ffmpeg-2.4.x libraries, but they don't work with Vivaldi, and without them there's no support for H.264 and MP3 in HTML5 videos, at least in Linux.

  • I thought here is for Windows. 🙂

    Maybe ffmpeg-2.4.x is too old. Why not use the latest ffmpeg git head

    And does the "don't work" mean build error or something others ?

  • A year ago this subforum wasn't named "Vivaldi for Windows". Or there just wasn't a separate thread for other systems, I don't remember anymore.

    Anyway, this topic is majorly outdated. More than half a year ago Chromium changed the way it worked with ffmpeg, which now must be compiled from the corresponding Chromium version's sources. Proprietary media formats are working now.

  • @fsLeg:

    Proprietary media formats are working now.

    Under windows Vivaldi doesn't use ffmpeg at all, at least for proprietary codecs. It use the MS codecs.


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