Add "Open All in Tabs" ability

  • Miss this function in Vivaldi: [b]"Open All in Tabs"[/b] in the context menu when right clicking a bookmarks folder. It will open all bookmarks each in its own tab. This is a quick way to open all tabs. Cheers, Dave

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    Miss this function in Vivaldi:
    "Open All in Tabs" in the context menu when right clicking a bookmarks folder. It will open all bookmarks each in its own tab.

    This is a quick way to open all tabs.



    If you middle-click on a bookmarks folder, or right-click and "open in new tab," the first 20 bookmarks will open in new tabs. Right now the limitation is 20 bookmarks in a folder, unless you multi-select all the bookmarks and "open in new tab."

  • The middle-click appears to be broken in OS X—or at least from the Bookmarks Bar. I can right-click and choose open, but it would be nice to have the ability to launch it with a shorter command (middle-click or cmd-click).


  • It looks like this functionality only works from the bookmarks panel, it doesn't seem to work from bookmark folders in the bookmarks bar. It would be really nice if we could have something similar to Opera's current right-click menu on the bookmarks bar list.

  • I can't believe this topic is 12 months old yet this feature is still to be implemented, why is it taking so long? has this project been abandoned? Rather worrying that simple updates like this have not been completed yet.

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    @Diggerz It's right there:


    On the left, you have the context menu from the bookmarks bar and on the right, it's from the bookmarks panel. Each of those commands will open all bookmarks from the clicked folder (excluding the bookmarks in subfolders) in separate tabs. That's what the OP asked for. What are you still missing?

  • @pafflick It only opens the bookmarks in the parent folder, though.

    If I have a bookmark folder setup like so:

        parent folder
        - child folder
        -- bookmark
        - bookmark
        - bookmark

    Vivaldi will read "parent folder" as containing two bookmarks, which is technically correct, but if I right click on parent folder and select "open in new tab" it will only prompt me to open two new tabs for the two bookmarks. Sometimes a user might want to open all of the bookmarks in a folder, including the bookmarks in any of its sub-folders, at the same time.

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    @Tiamarth Yes, I've mentioned that in my reply, but so far nobody in this thread has complained about this particular issue (or at least that's what I've assumed after reading it all)...

  • @pafflick Oh, I must have skipped over that part. My apologies, wasting everyone's time here.

  • Not wasting for sure. I think this is a very convenient feature that is missing. I, for example, have a parent folder with multiple child folders on the bookmarks bar and the right-click option doesn't open anything. Shouldn't be that hard to implement the feature to open all bookmarks in a folder.

  • @pafflick in the bookmarks bar only top-level folders show the right click menu. Right-clicking on a child folder merely shuts the parent. - FWIW I personally would find it useful if all folder/subfolders had the same behaviour.
    Thanks for what you do

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