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  • I feel like Vivaldi has just about everything we need in a super browser except for the one thing the Microsoft Edge has done great: Reading View. I've been using that feature for a while (in fact I'm using it for an article right now) and have had great success procrastinating for hours, reading irrelevant things with absolutely no clutter to distract me :lol: I'd love it if Vivaldi can help me achieve that here too. I'm sure many others feel the same way about this reading view. p.s. should we turn this into a poll?

  • Count me in.

    I miss a "Reader View" as in Firefox or "Reading View" as in Edge.

    Let's make Vivaldi the browser that rules them all 🙂



  • me to… ever since evernote deprecated clearly I have made reading mode one of me key wants in a good browser...

    I think it should be a standard feature


  • I would have thought this would be easy to implement via the Page Actions button in the status bar, but things are not always as easy as we think.

    In Opera 12.17 I installed the Readability bookmarklet, but that does not work in Vivaldi.

    Be patient. The Vivaldi developers surely have this on the ToDo list already.

  • I have the same issue with Readable bookmarklet. I'd say bookmarklets in general don't seem to work well in Vivaldi. Some worked after I repeatedly clicked a few more times; no reaction for the others. The same goes for extensions, which at times crash the entire browser. That said, Vivaldi has done pretty well for its early iterations, so keep up the good work!

  • A reading mode would be really great! In the moment I have to save each page to Pocket and read it there.

    For me a reading mode with a dark background is important, and for this Pocket is great. And Edge, and Firefox… But on Vivaldi it's missing in the moment.

  • A readability mode is already implemented in the Page Actions on the Status Bar

  • As a temporary solution, can they implement Firefox's "Reader View" until they make their own or fork it, or does open-source licenses stop that? Because at least they can start with something until they want to focus on it more intensely, and not start from scratch.

  • @Pesala:

    A readability mode is already implemented in the Page Actions on the Status Bar

    I wasn't aware of that. Cheers.

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