Feature Request: Turn Off the Password Manager for All Sites

  • Hello! I use 1Password for, well, password management. However, Vivaldi asks me for each site the first time I log in if I want to save the password. I can click Never but I'd prefer just to just turn the feature off entirely for all sites. It's not a huge deal but seems like it'd be a useful feature. Thanks!

  • So much came here to say exactly this. And for the same reason too.

    That little password pop-up in the corner is driving me nuts!

    Thanks in advance!

  • Moderator

    Manage passwords at chrome://settings/search#pass

  • Thanks - that helped. But I'm a little confused that this:


    shows the settings to disable the built-in password manager, but this:


    and then typing 'pass' into the search box doesn't. Is that the intended behaviour?

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