Lots of problems with page loading - blank pages

  • Randomly and frequently encountering blank pages. I see no pattern, or clues. The same pages the load OK one minute, do not load the next. Random pages on different sites, Google's site, even pages in this forum. While looking for answers, it looks like this has been an issue for quite some time, and persists in the latest release. I probably only noticed it now, because I've gone from occasional Vivaldi testing, to trying to make it my main browser. Well, unfortunately that's not working out. This thread from last October describes the issue pretty well... [url=https://vivaldi.net/en-US/forum/vivaldi-browser-for-mac/6637-v-started-severely-malfunctioning-for-me-scroll-flicker-then-blank-tabs-happened-to-anyone-else]https://vivaldi.net/en-US/forum/vivaldi-browser-for-mac/6637-v-started-severely-malfunctioning-for-me-scroll-flicker-then-blank-tabs-happened-to-anyone-else[/url] This is using latest version on XP. Here's some more info: [img size=585]http://derekj.vaxxine.com/files/viv-about.jpg[/img]

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    May be old XP and Vivaldi has issues with grahics card hardware acceleration or VSync problems.
    But i have not tested the issue.

    You may try:
    1. Editing property of Vivaldi desktop shortcut
    2. In field Destination add a command line parameter```

    Dont forget to have a space between the last " and the –
    3\. Start Vivaldi
    Does this help?
    May be adding```
     --disable-gpu --disable-software-rasterizer 
    ```can help too.
    May be a destop firewall, antivirus network scan stops traffic or breaks up content. Which firewall/security tools do you use?

  • Thanks for the tips!

    Although today, I've been browsing different sites for the first time since I encountered these issues a few days ago, and so far it seems solid. Not one loading issue or blank page so far today.

    I'm sure that I don't have any firewall or antivirus conflicts contributing to this behaviour in Vivaldi, since none of my other browsers or software have any issues. Eg. I sill use Opera 12 every day, and no issues with that, Chrome, Firefox, etc.. Seems this is entirely related to Vivaldi.

    I wonder if there was some issue with a conflict with my old Vivaldi profile after the update that has since sorted itself out? I read that this has caused a few issues for other users, and is sometimes solved by uninstalling, and reinstalling with a fresh profile. After all the alpha/beta versions I've installed over the last year, I wonder if that might be a good idea anyhow, since we're at a stable release version, and perhaps there were orphaned settings from early versions that could cause conflicts.

    Hopefully I won't see anymore blank pages. If so, I'll try a re-install, with a fresh profile, and if that doesn't fix it, try your suggestions. Other than that, my old XP is long in the tooth, but rock solid.

    Thanks! 🙂

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    The problem may be your graphics card driver.

    We try to check such problems, even on XP.


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