Multiple separate instances

  • I'm on ubuntu 14.04, latest vivaldi. I want to run multiple, completely independent instances. I have 2 separate start icons in unity, one for an 'application' that runs in a browser, and another for the generic browser. By using separate desktop files with command line additions like "--profile-directory=default" and "--profile-directory=xyz" I have managed to get each icon to open vivaldi in the two different configurations I want (and need). So far so good. I can open each separately. However, if I open the application version, opening the generic browser does nothing. If I open the generic browser I can also separately open the application version, but closing one or the other closes both, which is not what I need. I tried using the "--app=" command line parameter, as used by Chromium, but it doesn't seem to work with vivaldi. Anyone got any ideas on how to have multiple independent versions running?

  • You can use the –user-data-dir instead of the --profile-directory option.

  • Thanks very much, that seems to work.

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