How about native OS user interface?

  • while I appreciate the approach and I see that Vivaldi so far is only a technical preview, I can only but criticize the decision to "use JavaScript and React to create the user interface". right now and on my system it's awfully slow; also there's shades, animations and blinking of UI elements, all not really needed. Opera's great advantage was that it has always been slim and fast, not only the rendering engine but mainly the UI. all that made it usable even on the slowest systems, or under heavy load. if Vivaldi is a browser "for friends", please reconsider this aspect. thank you.

  • Yes the UI is slow on my old laptop(AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile@2000MHz; ATI Radeon X1250) and that is the biggest issue so far.
    Still, i like where all this is heading and maybe i'll finally have a real alternative to the old opera(which i'm still using)…
    ps. The panel toggle could've been thinner(2px max) 🙂


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