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  • Great to see a snappy new browser which can be configured to suit individual power users. Keep up the good work. However, I am unable to switch to Vivaldi at this stage because of three annoying "features" with how tabs behave. 1) Firefox used to have three possible settings for the CLOSE button on tabs: (a) A single close button on the extreme right; (b) A close button on each tab; (c) A close button only on the current tab. I had always selected the last option, since I often have a dozen or more tabs open. I don't want to close a tab by mistake when I click on it with the intention of switching to it. Firefox removed this setting, which annoyed a lot of people, because now you need an add-in to do the same thing. Wouldn't it be great of Vivaldi had these options. 2) When I am reading news sites (or Wikipedia), I middle-click on all the links that I want to read, so these pages open in the background. I then switch to each to read it, and close it when done. (That's how I end up dozens of tabs, sometimes). As I close each tab, I expect the browser to switch to the NEXT tab. Both Firefox and Chrome do this. Vivaldi, on the other hand, switches back to the parent tab (the home page) - which is seriously annoying, because I then have to switch to the tab I want again. Neither of the options for tab switching work the way Firefox & Chrome do. 3) This one is the most annoying. Firefox does this well, but Chrome does not, which is the single most important reason I have stuck with Firefox. Just like a middle-click opens a link in the background, when I select some text, right-click, and then search (on Google), I expect the search results to open in the [b]background[/b]. When I am reading an article, and need more info on something, I don't want to disrupt what I'm reading; I want the additional info to be available in the background, so I can read it when I'm done with the current page - exactly like what I expect if I middle-click a link. Unfortunately, Vivaldi switches focus to the new tab (like Chrome), thus disrupting what I'm reading. Looking forward to being able to use Vivaldi. The others have become too bloated.

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    Settings, Tabs, when closing tabs, Activate next related tab. That seems to do what you want.

  • Pesala: Thanks for the tip regarding the second issue I raised. I did have it set to "Next related tab". When I tried today, it seemed to work. There seems to be some situations where it does not. I need to try to reproduce what I found last week. Perhaps, it has to do with the number of different web sites I have open. I will try again with multiple web sites, and report back to this forum.



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