Feature request: allow certain cookies to stay even when default is "session only"

  • I am used to configuring the "accept cookies" setting to "session only" so that they all disappear when I quit the browser. However, I have some sites that I visit often and where I have to log on (think gmail, theoldreader, ...). Those sites often use cookies to keep my user session open, and when they disappear at the moment I quit the browser means I have to enter my credentials again and again every time I start my browser, which is a real pain. In Firefox I can set a cookie exception, to allow the cookies for those sites to stay around even when the global policy is session-only. It would really help me if Vivaldi would offer something similar.

  • I would like that too. I often used this feature in old Opera.
    Or is there any add-on which can handle that?

  • Blink based browsers usually offer Manage exceptions… link in Content settings dialog box.

    I don't know why Vivaldi misses that. Meantime, you may open this page directly by going to:

    ```and add your exceptions (domains) there.
    All credits go to @Gwen-Dragon, mentioned this trick in [this post](https://vivaldi.net/en-US/forum/vivaldi-browser/11014-setting-exceptions-with-session-cookies#59676).

  • Thanks for the hint, I'll try that.

    But that's one thing I don't like on Vivaldi, there are a lot of settings I can only reach by knowing such an URL. I don't understand why I can't access these setting dialogs through the normal Preferences page. Maybe there is another hidden setting to give me an "Expert" preferences page? ;-)

    And from what I see, I can only set a default to not delete cookies and then have to make an exception for every other site, but not the other way around. Normally I want all cookies to deleted and make an exception to keep for a handful others. Like it was the Opera way until 12.x

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    The reason you can't reach some otherwise functional settings through the UI is because the browser is incomplete.

  • To answer my own question: yes you can set the exceptions, and without knowing magic URLs.

    You need to click on the lock or globe icon left of the URL. That gives you info about the site, and also allows you to edit "site settings" which includes the option to set exceptions for the cookie policy.

    Not really intuitive/easy to find (I learned about this from some post elswhere on the 'net) but it is there.


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