I'm switching from Firefox after 13 years

  • Noticed this board is full of bug reports and feature requests - I have neither, but I did just want to chime in and say that I'm happily switching by default browser away from Firefox today after well over a decade of using it exclusively. I never did get on the Chrome bandwagon, but Vivaldi really looks like the step forward I've been looking for. Thanks and well done!

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    A warm welcome to our Vivaldi universe đŸ˜‰
    Be brave and test the little, young browser. You may like it.

  • Thanks! I already love it. Feels like a Chrome: Professional Edition, if such a thing ever existed.

    You know how the free offerings have limited functionality and harvest all of your personal data, so you go the paid route instead? Vivaldi is like that, except I didn't pay anything yet.. Considering buying an item of merchandise from the store to clear my conscience…


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