Sync bookmarks and tabs between devices

  • I really miss the ability to sync my bookmarks and open tabs between devices. I am using several ios devices and a windows PC. I've tried to download extensions like iCloud bookmarks but it does not work with vivaldi. Is it something like this in the works?

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  • Yes. Only I don't care as much about mobile; just the ability to sync between my work computer, personal desktop, and laptop. (I mean, yes, mobile sync would be pretty awesome, too, but I'll take one step at a time…)

  • Syncing bookmarks would be fine.
    BTW, as time goes by, merging them will be mandatory.
    Same wish for NOTES.
    Play it again 😉
    …as in O12...
    I do not need any cloud(=spy), I would do that at home without being connected to anything ... as with O12.

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