Bug? Page refresh / Reload / Cache issue?

  • Hi, I can't find anyone else reporting about this so I'm wondering if this is a Vivaldi issue at all. But I've noticed that in some pages the page doesn't seem to refresh/reload at all once you have interacted with it. For example this page: https://www.mastercard.com/global/currencyconversion/ 1. It first opens so that the current date is selected in "settlement date" and base currency field says "select a base currency". 2. When I select a date and a currency, the page is always in that state. Even if I refresh or ctrl+refresh or even close the browser. 3. It never gets to the original state, where it asks base currency first. 4. Another thing is now, when I chose a past date for the settlement date, I can't choose a date after that. (let's say I have once chosen 25th of March, I can't choose any date after that). Another example: 1. I was looking at a hotel prices in marriot.com. It showed me a rate of eg. 180 $ for a room. Another person was looking at the same rate and saw 150 $. I tried to refresh and do anything but my price stayed the same. We compared dates, room types, URL and everything was the same. Even on my computer all other browser were showing the 150 $ price including Opera 12, IE, another installation of Vivaldi. When I opened the same site as a private tab on the 180 $ browser, it finally showed me the 150 $ price. To me it feels like the page wasn't refreshed at all as I had looked at the same dates with that browser before. Also, one day I found a price I was ready to book. I refreshed the page completely or even did the hotel search from the beginning with the same dates and the price stayed at the one I was ready to book. When I tried to actually book it, the site informed me that this rate wasn't available anymore and I needed to refresh. Still, I constantly got the same price. I mean, this might be targeted pricing based on something on my browser, but I've noticed similar behaviour with other sites as well, where it really looks like the page in coming from some cache and not refreshing at all.

  • You are not the only one!
    I am having this same issue. However, I am working on a project on for my work and I wasn't sure if it was just the pages I'm working on or Vivaldi itself. I created an account here to say that I too am having this issue on some sites I'm building.

    What's strange is that there doesn't seem to be change in state in the browser. It's almost like the hitting refresh just silently disappears into the void. I'm going to add some timestamps to Ajax calls this morning to see if I can trick Vivaldi into doing an actual refresh.

    I'd post a video but I would need to find a site that isn't work related.


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