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  • installed the 32bit version of 1.0.435.40 on windows 7 home premium 64bit and there isn't any audio on youtube or pandora. i'm using virtual audio cable as the default soundcard (for audio processing). i'm unaware if it is simply because i'm using virtual audio cable or if it is because i've got the virtual audio cable setup to use 2-8 channels. the control panel for virtual audio cable says there isn't any signal going to it when attempting to play audio using the vivaldi browser. firefox simply sends audio to all 8 channels. i've got both the npapi & ppapi versions of flash with the npapi version disabled. however, the ppapi version says (out of process) in the plugin list with details shown. the youtube video plays, the pandora user interface loads & the counter increases as if it is playing. i was using chrome with -exclusive-mode-audio added at the end of the shortcut path for wasapi audio & it was working too. was hoping to use this browser after reading an article about it using less ram than firefox or chrome.

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    I remembered Chromium and Vivaldi had some issues with multi-channel audio.

    Please feel free to describe and report every problem as a separate bug at

  • umm, pandora is stereo & the youtube video i tried was also stereo.
    when you say they had some problems with multi-channel audio, are you referring to multiple channels in the audio or multiple channels with the soundcard?

  • seen a prompt to install the new 1.0.435.42 version .. decided to use the other virtual sound card i had already configured with a maximum of 2 channels .. i simply set the windows mixer to use it as the default & installed the new version.
    told my audio processing to use the sound card & audio began working.

    i closed vivaldi & set the other virtual sound card as default & re-opened vivaldi then attempted to play some audio.
    it didn't send audio to the sound card. then i told the windows mixer to use the sound card with 2 channels as default again (without closing vivaldi) & the audio began working again.

    thus, it doesn't seem to be a problem with virtual audio cable - it seems to be a problem with a sound card setup to use more than 2 channels.

    adding the wasapi command in the shortcut path didn't work either.
    (i tested it by opening another browser & played some audio with it - if vivaldi's wasapi was working, the audio from the other browser wouldn't of played)

    hope this helps somebody.


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