Java not starting in Browser

  • Recently made Vivaldi my default. A few days ago updated Java from V1.6 to 1.8 then yesterday updated Vivaldi to latest release. I click on a website to get a larger image which according to Inspect is a js link but all I get is " Your file not found it may have been moved or deleted" " Failed to load" Java plugin is enabled.( The link for Java came from Vivaldi.) I have both versions of Java installed as I wanted to ensure the later one was bug free but it does not matter if both or either one is enabled in the main Windows control panel the result is the same. The plug in for 1.8 shows Java(TM) Version and came from file chromeinstall-8u77.exe It seems Java is not being picked up. However everything works in Firefox so it is not a website problem. My system Is Win XP SP3 hence the java versions used Hope somebody can advise please. I note there has been Java problems previously but for some reason I cannot get back into the Index hence the new post. Sorry

  • It's a chromium security policy: no more NPAPI plugins (and Vivaldi is based on its engine).
    So, mainly only flash player and html5 plugins works on it.
    Everything else that rely on legacy NPAPI plugin platform won't work: silverlight, unity, vlc web plugin, java, office plugins, ecc, ecc..
    The only choice is to use the x32 firefox (x64 cut off Java and some other plugins) or Internet explorer to open the sites which (still) uses that plugins.

  • Thank you very much for the quick reply.
    I had not realised Java was affected. You have saved me a lot of time trying to ponder this one out.
    Very grateful


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