Add a function to disable speed dial please

  • Hello guys I love Vivaldi browser, I was with opera then firefox but now that Vivaldi is out of beta, I would like to adopt it but I hate speed dial cause? I already use another speed dial so I don't want to adopt a browser who doesn't has a function to disable speed dial I'm sorry but when this function will add I'll switch from Firefox to Vivaldi by default Thank you. Lexis Bass

  • Tools->settings->start page->speed dial; check "never" under the option "show speed dial titles" and uncheck "show add button" :)

  • You could also change the start page to something else like google (tools->settings->startup)

  • Hello man, that's done but when I open a new tab, speed dial open or I use papaly to this and I would like my page papaly with this adress web written in the start page open when I open a new tab :/

    Thank you,

    Lexis Bass

  • Doing that doesn't disable the Speed Dial… Even after doing that if I choose to Startup with a Homepage the Speed Dial stil lappears to the left of it and if I Ctrl+T it still opens the Speed Dial

  • So we can't disable this Speed Dial

  • Yes, please add the option to disable speed dial.
    I used a workaround (assign speed dial to a new empty folder in the bookmarks) but this is not optimal.

    Even when "start page" instead of "speed dial" is chosen in the Vivaldi defaults, the speed dial page opens.
    Even when "fixed start page" is chosen in the Vivaldi defaults speed dial always opens when a new window is opened.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Just an update to this in case someone else is looking for this. You can disable the Start Page (Speed Dial) in new tabs by going to Settings > Tabs > New Tab Page and changing it to something other than "Start Page."

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