Web developer suggestion" Anonymous window, CSS Debugger, Tab Problem

  • Hi guys, I looking for your new features like CSS Debugger. But for web developer (I hope) is better when he see axes or guides line. I dont know how its called. But as a web developer I need see this lines. We can see this axis in browser Mozzilla Firefox. I hope you understand me :lol: Next sugestion is about Anonymous window (and maybe for normal window) In anynmous window i hope problem with caching pages. When i debugging page (for example .aspx) I build it and try it in browser. But when i reload page there is a change in html code, but my changes in CSS I dont see. I must close anonymous window and reopen it. This problem is in normal window, but i must clear browser history. Next problem is: When I open left bar window with some page in normal window and next i open anonymous window. I have anonymous window with this left open bar window. And now last problem in anonymous mode. Anonymous window is remember history of my browsing in normal mode. Tab problem: Last problem who can see is: When i open new Tab.. And i want try give some url whisperer gives me first url with some pages, but not with domain. For example: When i wrote youtube or http://www.youtu Whisper give me http://www.youtube.com/Sgfjadjfls But for user is primary go to main domain page http://www.youtube.com Guys I'm glad someone creates new and impulsive things. And I hope that Vivaldi will be one of the most used browsers. BB, Adam


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