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  • Hello, I am a Japanese user and would like to use Yahoo Japan for the registered search engine. The browser just jump to Yahoo Japan when I type a keyword in the address bar even when I set the top page address of Yahoo Japan ( for the search engine. Could anyone know how to register it with additional code maybe? Thank you for your kind assistance. Sincerely yours,] decamelon

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    1. Goto
    2. In search field of page context menu
    3. Menu "Add as search engine"
    4. Nickname: yj
    5. Button Add
    6. open vivaldi://settings/search/ in Vivaldi adress (URL) field
    7. Delete the old non-japanese yahoo search with the nick y
    8. Select your yj engine
    9. Button "set as Default"
    10. Close the settings page

  • Thank you, Gwen-Dragon,

    I have successfully added Yahoo Japan as my default search engine.
    Thank you very much for your quick and kind support!

    Sincerely yours,

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    Hello decamelon,
    nice to hear that. I'm pleased to have helped you and together we resolved your problem.
    Have nice browsing with Vivaldi.


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