My Opera data import tool

  • Do you have any plans to create My Opera data import tool to make the transition smooth?

  • Importing images is fairly easy. I'm making a howto on that.
    We will have to look into how we handle importing of blogs as well.
    Any other data you think is important? :-)

  • Also need to move my files somewhere… Any suggestions?

  • There are so many options. I use dropbox myself :-)

  • We could allow files here as well or at least consider it , just not any .exe or anything like that. Which file types are you mostly talking about ?

  • My primary use for My Opera files is what you could call Opera-related things: UserJS, configurations, testcases, screenshots.

    I suppose screenshots can work through other means as well but it's a bit more trouble imo.

    In file extensions that means such formats as .txt, .js, .css, .html, and some container formats like .zip, .7z, .tar.lz, and .tar.gz.

    How relevant that would be here is another question, but there is a sizable contingent of My Opera users who dabble in userscripts and userstyles.

  • .OEX, .NEX


  • The important part for me is to be able to transfer the entire content directly, not via a download/upload sequence. I have a wireless internet connection which is limited :S to 20GB/month, so every little bit is important.
    And - it would be very nice to retain the formating and look of the old blogs and albums.

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