Drag tabs outside current window

  • Generally, I surf the web with my 2 monitors, myabe watching a video while doing something on the other screen. When I used firefox or chrome, it allowed me to open a new tab in one window and drag it to another open window, or open a new one without refreshing it (this happens when you right click->move to new window) but you can't move within windows wich I believe comes pretty handy and i something I miss from firefox

  • You can do that with vivaldi too; right click on the tab and select the option "move to" and then click "new window" 🙂

  • The 'Move-to' option is a decent-enough workaround, but dragging tabs into and out-of the active session would be really useful - I use it a lot, and I'm on a single monitor setup

  • It has been requested many times and I'm sure it will be available in a future update.

  • This is a problem because it reloads the tab.
    The problem is when you're on a Google Hangout and you suddenly leave the call, only to show up a few seconds later and you missed part of the converstaion.


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