I'm confused about architectures or i am missing something…

  • On windows there is no x64 build (yet?) but on linux there is no x32 (i386) build (yet?) and i wanted to install vivaldi on my x32 linux machine. Will it never be released or it will be released at some point in future?

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    Me too…

    I have as yet no need for 64 bit Windows, but my old tech relies solely on 32 bit Linux (PCLinuxOS).

    Could you let us know if this is in works?

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    Currently we only offer x64 on Linux. It's unclear whether we will be offering 32 bit all on Linux. But again, this is a technical preview, and we are listening to you guys, so stay tuned for further notice! :)

  • Specifying which architectures are currently supported before we attempt to download would prevent a certain amount of (thwarted:-() user interaction! I'd regard it as vital information, really, even for a preview.

    I too am an underpowered (32-bit) Linux bod. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who is extending the life of perfectly adequate but ageing kit by running a slimmer 32-bit Linux on a system that's not up to Windows' current requirements.

    Ah well, I'll have to await developments. So sad: I was really enthusiastic about Vivaldi. Now I'm like the kid at the window of the sweetshop looking in hungrily but with no pocket money to spend.

  • I'd also like to see a Linux 32-bit build, to test this browser.
    And yes, some information on the download site which architectures are available, before seeing in the name of the downloaded file what's in it, would be fine.
    Don't repeat the failures of Opera itself, they do the same on their new build. Just a link named Linux, without any architecture information.You can do better than that ;-)

  • I also own an old 32-bit portable PC running Manjaro Linux. I've been waiting for a browser providing some of the excelent features of the old Opera browser and finally Vivaldi is born. I've been trying it on a Windows PC and I'm quite excited with it. Please distribute a 32-bit Linux version. PLEASE!!!

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