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  • Hello, new user - looks like a fantastic product. I'm particularly excited about the potential of the web panels. I've set mine to Twitter, and can see it's rendering it as the mobile site. Perfect. But... how do I get the feed to refresh? My hope was that new items would drop in as they're created, so I'd see a live feed - but it's just static. Closing & re-opening the panel doesn't refresh it, context-menu refresh is disabled. Only way I can trigger a refresh is to toggle between mobile & desktop versions (which for twitter, doesn't actually change anything, but does trigger a refresh) Am I missing something?

  • The web panel is a great idea, but I'm missing auto-refresh too.

  • Ok, so if I don't 'hide title', I can use the Home button on the title to 'refresh', but isn't quite what I'd hope for.

    A really good example of how I see it working is the bbc business 'live coverage' stream..

    When I add this as a web panel, new updates drop in in real-time.

    Of course, this is because that's how the web-page has been designed for that bbc feed, but this is where I see web-panels playing a role - and will be an absolute killer feature if it can be somehow 'enabled' independent of the site implementing it natively.

  • What happens with cookies on the web-panel pages?

    Everytime I load, say Twitter, I get the prompt to install the Android App. I dismiss it, but it's there again next time I go for it.

  • It's really weird, because in the right-click menu there is an option "Reload" but it's always greyed out. Also I have a site with sparklines and auto-refreshing percentages, and while the percentage does auto-refresh, the sparklines don't - I have to manually reload every sparkline image to refresh. And at some point even the percentages stop refreshing.

  • Same problem here. I need to refresh a web panel but can't find any UI to do so. Right-click, Reload is greyed out.

    I'd love to see this made active or have some button to refresh.

  • Moderator

    Try showing the Toolbar, then refresh or press Home.

    0_1515415341867_Panel Toolbar.png

  • Found answer in another post.

    push the home button (or enable the toolbar for the panel which adds a refresh button)


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