[SOLVED] how to add command line options

  • hi! i'm on Linux Debian, I'm trying to add the --explicitly-allowed-ports=xxx flag to the vivaldi command line, but i don't know how to do it . I tried to add the command to the desktop file /usr/share/applications/vivaldi-stable.desktop but it didnt work. Any suggestion? thanks!

  • i have just tried to edit the /opt/vivaldi/vivaldi script, i believe this is where i should add the line, but again no luck :(

  • So I assume you wan't Vivaldi always to start with this option . My suggestion is to make a my-vivaldi script with this content
    wait 5
    Vivaldi your options

    after that make the script executable.Edit the Vivaldi desktop file to point the script

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    I can change the desktopshortcut in my Debian 8 KDE.
    In desktop symbol's tab Program I have /usr/bin/vivaldi-stable –explicitly-allowed-ports=22 %U
    And if i visit my page with http://gwendragon.de:22 the browser shows correct:
    instead of:
    whithout the allowed port parameter

    The same with K-Menu eidtor and edited menu entry for K-Menu -> Internet -> Vivaldi

  • thank you all for your answers!

    i tried again to add the line to /opt/vivaldi/vivaldi , i don't know why but it worked this time!
    Anyway, i think the solution suggested by Gwen-Dragon is the simplest, and, besides, i believe the file i modified will be overwritten as soon as the browser gets an update


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