Moving from Chrome to Vivaldi

  • I've been trying to give up on Chrome and move to a different browser, but in vain for quite a while. The reason being the lack of control over how stuff looks and works, and it's resource hunger. But all other browsers seem to fall flat when it comes to speed. Vivaldi showed some promise and even though I want to love it, it feels quite clunky and sluggish. I opened Vivaldi followed by Chrome (together), Chrome started first (clean start, no background processes, after a reboot)... I opened a random website (Vivaldi still didn't start), and while that was loading Vivaldi has started and I opened the same site. Chrome was done even before stuff started showing up here. Now I opened a new tab on both and entered a different site, again Chrome was done even before Vivaldi was half way through. I was pretty broke. I checked the task manager and found Vivaldi to be using more resources than Chrome. :dry: Since this is the initial release, I'm still hopeful for Vivaldi. Praying for Vivaldi to get faster and lighter _/_


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