[Bug] HTTP auth overlay takes over entire browser, so can't access extensions

  • Why does this matter? Because if you use an extension like LastPass (as an awful lot of people do these days) and you've stored a HTTP auth username and password in LastPass, you can't actually get to it when you need it because the browser has locked up everything until you respond to the HTTP auth prompt. Catch-22! Consequently, the user has to quit the HTTP auth process, go find their password, copy it to clipboard, then go back to the authentication challenge again, which is quite annoying! 🙂 I believe Chrome used to do this, but hasn't for some time, so I'm now in the habit of being able to interact with extensions when a HTTP auth challenge is active. While it's probably intended behaviour, I do think it's a UX bug.

  • Moderator

    This bug is already known. And yes, it is a annyoing user interfering problem.
    But you can hit Esc to get rid of the dialog.
    Such problems with HTTP auth come up very seltdom to moist users, so a fix may not be done i near future.

  • Ah, OK - I did search the forum for http auth and got no relevant results, so apologies if I double-posted. 🙂

  • Actually Lastpass is supposed to autofill HTTP AUTH dialogs, if the binary component is installed, but it doesn't with Vivaldi

  • For me it works when I open a http-auth-page in a new window.
    For everydays use it would be nice this could be fixed.
    (And - after two years - is this still 'near future' ?)

    p.s.:thank you for this nice browser....


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