Line spacing in menus and RSS Feeds

  • Hi everyone. I used chrome up to 2013 when google decided to hardcode a bigger line spacing into their menus. Since then i used FF who is more customizable in that regard. Now with vivaldi i hope that there is a possibility to rectify this issue This is how it currently looks in chrome and vivaldi: This is how it looks in Firefox: How do i get the screen realestate friendlier line spacing like in FF into Vivaldi? I already searched in the forum, but without success. My second question is in regarding to RSS feeds. Firefox can, out of the box, integrate RSS Feeds as DropDownMenu into the Quicklink bar. Vivaldi and Chrome cant do that and need, clutchy, extensions, which despite sometimes 12 gazillion features all simply lack the beautiful simplistic functionality of the FF approach. All Extensions i found for chrome needed at least one more click or used a more interleaved structure. If anyone has some suggestions or ideas: im all eyes ;) best regards Schwarzie

  • Since there is no answer yet, am i to assume that this is currently not possible?

  • The forums have had hundreds of posts since Vivaldi 1.0 was released.

    There's a customising thread somewhere.

  • Well my search for line spacing found nothing there, but well its worth a try.

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