Let Vivaldi run in the background for extensions

  • Hi, i have installed ByrdIRC extension via chrome extension store. It's an IRC Client extension which opens in a new window. Now the problem is, whenever the Vivaldi browser window is closed, it automatically closes all extensions as well (and so closes the ByrdIRC window) because it basically shuts down the whole Vivaldi process. In Google Chrome, when you close the Chrome window, it doesnt close extensions, so ByrdIRC stays opened. Is there a way to change this, so that Vivaldi still runs in the background, so that extensions that are opened dont close?

  • Type "chrome://settings/search#background" (without quotation marks) into the address bar and press enter; check the option "continue running background apps"
    Hope this helped~ 🙂

  • This is option is activated, and it sounds like this should be it, but closing the Vivaldi window still closes ByrdIRC as well.
    Also CIRC.
    Is this option not working properly?

  • Try reinstalling vivaldi.

  • I have installed it on another computer, and its the same. Vivaldi window closes the irc client as well.

  • If the irc client has a tab like all other webpages, you could pin it; vivaldi will not close pinned tabs (tools->settings->tabs)

  • No its an own window, not a tab.

    Im still trying to figure out if this is a problem with vivaldi itself or only those 2 extensions that i tested.
    Could someone else test it and see if ByrdIRC closes for them when vivaldi is closed?

  • I just tested it with postman too (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/postman/fhbjgbiflinjbdggehcddcbncdddomop)
    I tested it with 2 different vivaldi installations, 1 64 bit and 1 32 bit, and in both cases closing the vivaldi window also closes the extension too.
    Tested it with Chrome, and the extension stays opened.

    So it seems to me that the problem lies within Vivaldi.

    Or can anyone actually confirm that any extension that opens itself in a new window does stay opened after the vivaldi window is closed?

  • Anyone?
    So is this a bug in Vivaldi?

  • Moderator

    Leaving stray bits open in the background is not a feature of Vivaldi. It's supposed to shut down 100% when it shuts down.

    You can ask for the feature to be added (and you have asked) but as no one else has ever made this request, it would be my assumption that consideration of it would be a low priority for the developers, who have mountains of much more basic stuff on their plates at the moment.

  • I'm kinda confused, then what is this option that werty mentioned above for?
    "Continue running background apps when Vivaldi is closed"

    This seems to be exactly the option to control whether vivaldi should actually close all apps upon closing the vivaldi window or wheter they shall remain opened.

    If this is not its function, what does this actually do?

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    If it were activated in Vivaldi, it would do what you want. However, it is not actually a Vivaldi setting. It's a Chromium setting which is visible when you search for it using the chrome://settings/search address. It says "Vivaldi" because Vivaldi automatically re-labels Chromium settings this way.

    If it were expected or intended to work in Vivaldi, then in most cases you should expect to find it the regular Settings page or in Vivaldi://flags (which does reveal a background push notifications function, but I don't think that's what you want - and I've no idea if it works.)

    There are some pretty important Chromium functions that DO work in Vivaldi but just haven't been written into the Settings UI yet, so it's never pointless to look for them.

    As to this one, if lots of people began clamoring for it, I think Vivaldi Devs would try to move it to the front of the queue - but there are other functions that lots of people HAVE BEEN clamoring for, for over a year, that have not made it into the "done" pile yet, like context menu in bookmark bar folders, direct editing of Speed Dial short cuts, stackable pinned tabs, movable dividers in tiled tabs, bookmark drop-down menu, ability to drag tabs to new window, etc., etc., etc. So these items would have higher priority, on the whole, than what you're asking for. NOW - if it were as simple as flipping a switch to turn it on, and if it were not perceived as a security or privacy risk, some developer might just flip that switch for the heck of it. We've seen options that were trivial to code appear within a week of the first request for them. But we don't know how hard your feature would be to bring. FURTHER, one of the chief gripes some people have brought forward is when due to some malfunction, this or that Vivaldi process keeps running after shut down. So there's that.

    When it comes to Google, they have no compunction about running their processes and services in the background on your machine or device all day every day, even when you try to disable them or turn them off. It means they have more control than you do. Vivaldi's philosophy is a bit different.

  • Ok, this clears things up, thanks.


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