Is it possible to tweak the tab height?

  • Hello, Once stacking tabs, the height of the tab changes, or rather a new UI element is added at the top which denotes the available stacked tabs: [attachment=3045]ScreenShot2016-04-07at8.35.44.png[/attachment] Is it possible to somehow decrease the available top spacing so that the stacked tabs UI will be aligned with the other tabs in the tab bar? Attachments: [img][/img]

  • I'm not sure how to change the tab height yet but this lowers the buttons.
    Put this at the end of your common.css file.

    /*lowers the placing of the tab stack indicator buttons to be flush with the other tabs*/
    .stacks-on.tabs-left .tab-strip .tab-group-indicator,
    .stacks-on.tabs-right .tab-strip .tab-group-indicator,
    .stacks-on.tabs-top .tab-strip .tab-group-indicator {
        top: -3px

  • Thanks, though that did not help… 🙂
    Any other CSS tinkers around?


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