Who's In Charge Of Appoving New Groups?

  • I join Vivaldi a couple of days ago and found that I could create a group so I did, but once all the data was entered, I get a message saying this group must be approved by an admin.. ok so I wait.. and wait and wait.. What's taking so long?.. I search for the admin list and most of these guys haven't been online in 6 months or more.. so what's the point in having admins when their never here?.. I'll ask again, who's in charge of appointing/approving new groups?..

  • Vivaldi Team

    Sorry about the wait, ToasterVan. We have been quite swamped with the release. I approved your group now.

  • After all the waiting and hard work. I tested the forum/group settings this morning and found that I'm not allowed to add images within post, but rather have to add image separately and can't add text thereafter.. So I return to my profile page and try to blog, and again I encounter issues.. the blog doesn't allow me to separate the paragraph and the full text just runs down the page.. and again Images can't be assigned to the blog or post.. I realize that you're 1 year old and if it means I have to wait 6 months to see improvements in the blogging system and group posts.. I may have to search for another site. Unless one of the developers is working on correcting these issues, if they need a detailed list of what I'm encountering, let me know. Though the browser is very functional and handy..


    You've listed a text entry and "create blog" entry within the text field, when I use the blog entry, the text doesn't adjust to paragraphs.. and doesn't allow for images, where as when I use the text entry, there are paragraphs but still I'm not allowed to add images..

    What I'm needing is this text entry field used in this forum as my main source for entering text or creating a blog, but I'm only limited to what ever is available to me within the basic text (update) block on my profile page. Having a text system (which is used here) to enter my text/blogs and allows for adjustments and images,,

    For Instance:

    So why am I not allowed to do this type of blog post within my profile page or within the groups page?.. and now this.. after seeing what the attached image looks like, it's too large and your system doesn't auto adjust for this.. the image should be smaller.. auto scaled when attaching.. I would have to pre-adjust the image to a desired size before attaching.. seem to be a lot more work then is necessary to actually do something here.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Sorry about the bad experience you've been having.
    We are working on revamping the whole site but pretty much all of our focus in the last 2 years have been on browser so we are making very slow progress on Vivaldi.net.

    To be as transparent as possible, we won't be able to fix many of the issues you are seeing until we launch our new site as we have to prioritise our work. (We are a small company at this moment)

    Sorry about the inconvenience and thanks for your patience. We will make it better but will take some time.



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