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  • Hello everyone. first I will talk about the browser then I'll talk about how painfull it has been to create this account to post this. CPU usage... ... Is not bad at all (around 4 to 10%), except when you are loading a new website oh gosh the spike... (i7 4510U) And this goes with the overall feeling. It isn't good, things are not smooth. I don't know how to really explain it but this has nothing to do with the cpu load spike things are just jolting. normal usage [img][/img] when loading the website [img][/img] Vivaldi's shortcuts. F6... I might be wrong but, isn't it the kind of default select the search bar thing shortcut ? Why does it have to be set up on F8 ?? (not hard to set back but making it easy to jump from one web browser to another isn't a bad idea) About flash now, I'd like to know if there is a FAQ for vivaldi browser (couldn't find it, haven't searched that much) talking about what you have to do (easy to find on the forum btw) ? Whatever is the answer to that, I'd love to have a ready to use browser, I don't want to go on twitch and face a not working stream or video. Damn those [i]insert all the insult you can find in every language on earth... I mean in the whole universe[/i] devs in particular from those famous companies that are still not full html5. That is a shame and there is a shitload of them. By the way, i'm lazy, and i don't want to go on this crappy adobe website that always want to install something else. Would love to have some kind of shockwave thing like chrome that do nothing but crashing all the time. I miss having to reload a tab because of that. I think here goes my last point. I'm pretty sure I was able to set up the behavior of opening a link in a new tab like just open it in the background to jump on it later. Now when I scroll click on a link, it opens the tab and it makes it the active one. I couldn't find back the option that allows me to just scroll click the link and stay on the current tab. Since I'm the kind of personn that read a lot of online newspaper I just scroll click every interesting article and then I go from tab to tab to read them. I don't want to scroll click, and have to jump back on the main page of the website everytime. Last, very good features, love the path you're going through with this browser, hope it will fill all the expectations I have for it. Now, this forum. ComeOn ! [img][/img] As someone said one day : I don't like deadlocks. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. As someone who meet them frequently at work, I was very sad to see them here too x_x. Thing is that I received two activation mails, none of the token worked, Sadly the first time I clicked on the activate button in the mail I went through this error and from that moment I'm depressed. I had to make another account to finally get a working token. Three mails, only one token, all mails went into spam box, obviously, there is something wrong. ps : hope my english is not that messy and readable. Regards Tanguy Charles


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