Tab Previews auto update

  • Hello, I really like this browser just one little thing annoys me, I have the tabs on the right side, so I constantly have a preview open for them. when i middle click to open a new tab, the previews don't update until I click on the tab. Is there an option to have the tab auto-update the preview when the page finishes loading? And maybe an option to have the tab always update the preview regardless? Thanks.

  • I agree that this would be fantastic. This browser is very promising, but the tab previews/thumbnails not being automatically updatable means that this feature is only living up to about 10% of it's potential. I understand the argument that it might be too data intensive to have this feature on automatically, but to have it as an option would be very nice. To have it as an option with a user determined update interval would be even nicer!


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