1.0: no click-to-play? no "content" settings? no app name in title bar?

  • hi, I installed 1.0 today and configured it more or less to my liking, as I'd love to replace Chromium with it as my secondary browser so it can work peacefully along with Otter, the other "Opera Classic rebuilt" browser. however, I couldn't find any option for plugins / click-to-play? isn't this built in? do I have to install exensions? what's more: I do not see any of the "content" settings known from Chromium? also, it should say "(page title) - Vivaldi" (or similar) in the title bar. but it doesn't, does it? is there an option somewhere that I don't see or did the developers simply forget this crucial "feature" of app name in title bar...? before asking, I did of course search for both issues here in the forum, but without luck. any help or hints are appreciated thanks mihau (Opera 12.18 user w/ hexedited .dll so it now masks itself as >= FF 45 to work with borked sites (Google, etc.))

  • For content settings, you can access from here```

  • thank you
    that also fixes the click-to-play issue πŸ™‚

    they seem to have forgotten to add a reference/link to this on the main settings page

  • I'm sure it will be implemented πŸ™‚
    Some items of chrome:// pages are not in setting page yet

  • Copying "vivaldi://settings/content" to URL bar and pressing enter goes to the regular settings page of Vivaldi. Selecting it from Hadden89's post, right-clicking and choosing "Go to…" seems to show the correct content options. However ever after selecting "Let me choose which plugins to run" youtube videos still autoplay. I'm using the the newest version of Vivaldi.

  • Youtube is pretty particular to deal with due chrome policy: some extensions for it were kicked out the store.
    Does chrome do the same? It will autoplay videos even if the click-to-play is enabled?
    In that case, it's chrome/youtube fault and the only choice is to use an unpacked (external) extension specifically for youtube and loading it via developer options in extension page (do this if you know what are you doing).
    But before, you should try some extensions which still are in the store to see if someone will do the trick.

  • Thanks for your reply. Guess I spoke too soon, it seems to be working for Flash. HTML5 videos still autoplay on youtube, I guess this requires an extension.

  • @BlackSwan:

    HTML5 videos still autoplay on youtube, I guess this requires an extension.

    Yup. For what I know all html5 are always autoplayed 😎


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