Change search engines order

  • This: [img][/img] Where are those salved, so I can at least try to edit them manually?

  • I'm also interested in this issue. There should be a way to change the order of the search engines. For example through corresponding arrows in the search engine dialog window in the preferences. Especially, since there now is a quick search right-click-menu.


  • This feature request is already in the Feature Requests thread.

    As a workaround, it's not difficult to copy a search engine URL, delete it, then add it back at the end of the list. For 5-10 search engines it won't take more than five minutes to reorder them in this way.

  • It's saved in some database file, either SQLite or LevelDB, I think the latter. So unfortunately unlike the Opera 12 search.ini it's not editable with a simple text editor anymore. And I need this feature badly since I have more than 30 searches or rather plan to re-add that much to Vivaldi. I'm not going to unless I can easily move them around.

    I don't even think an extension could edit the file either. Yeah, what you can do is upvote the feature request in that 1.7 suggestions thread. Please do that.

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