Cant drag&drop files from Downloads

  • Hey, Sadly I discover I'm unable to drag&drop any kind of files from Downloads panel. I'm not sure if that any kind of restriction from user preferences or just a lack of base feature. I can obviously drag&drop stuff from vivaldi://downloads

  • Suspect it's a missing feature - but really really needed. Fingers crossed.

    I've put vivaldi://downloads into a webpanel which kinds of works, but is clunky. Definitely that functionality should be in the main downloads panel.

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    Why do you need this? You can launch a download with double-click, or open the containing folder if you want to copy it, move it, or create a desktop shortcut.

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    Drag&Drop from Download panel and other places from/to Vivaldi is not ready.
    We could not fix all bugs for first Final, sorry.
    Please wait until it is ready.

  • @Gwen-Dragon - no problem, I know Vivaldi is a (great) work in progress. Just contributing to something I miss from Chrome (being able to drag from the download 'bar' at the bottom of the page). Glad to hear it's on the way though.

    @Pesala - mainly it's for speed. A common workflow for me is:

    • Create a doc in Google Docs
    • Make a PDF
    • Copy it back to the drive folder

    Why GDocs doesn't just let you save a PDF version into the same drive location as the doc directly I don't know. But it doesn't (as far as I can tell, anyway). Dragging directly from the download panel to the GDocs tab would be much faster than opening a new explorer window

    Likewise for moving a downloaded file to somewhere specific. If I already have an explorer window open in the right place, I just want to drag the downloaded file directly, not get another explorer window over the top of the existing one.

    Attaching a downloaded file to a half-composed Gmail would be much easier if I could drag directly from the download panel into the compose window too.

  • I need this too.
    1 - Download image from internet
    2 - Drag and drop on Twitter/Google+/Facebook/… compose box


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