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  • Hi! Haven't found a way to force bookmark panel to work with single-click. That is the aim is to open bookmarks and to expand/collapse nodes with single mouse click instead of double-click. Have I missed some configuration option?

  • This is very important to me too. In many respects it's an ergonomic issue: each click puts strain on the tendons and nerves, and I have enough trouble with repetitive stress. In addition it takes far too many clicks to get to a single bookmark (physical stress again, and also time-consuming), and yet more to close the particular bookmark folder and the bookmarks panel as well (there should be an option to close these automatically). In my short time using Vivaldi I've really liked it, but the problem with the bookmarks system may prevent me from using it as my default browser. Basically there needs to be an option for fly-out bookmarks.

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    It's a frequent request, so no doubt it will get implemented sooner rather than later.

    There are some tips to make opening bookmarks using keyboard only, or without double-click.


    • Set your own preferred shortcuts to focus the bookmarks panel
    • Ctrl Left/Right will collapse/expand folders. Up/down to navigate
    • Menu key to show the context menu (that's the key on the right next to Ctrl key)
    • Middle-click will open a bookmark in the background with a single-click

  • Thanks for the tips.
    It's funny how some "small" details can be show stoppers sometimes 🙂

  • Thanks, Pesala, I'm glad to hear it's on the radar. There are a couple of other tidbits I'd like to see fixed/changed, but otherwise I think Vivaldi is fantastic. I find it faster than Firefox and Chrome (I seldom use Internet Explorer, and Edge is a disaster), and it uses less CPU and far less RAM than Firefox (generally my preferred browser). I'd like to make it my default; this is the one showstopper.

  • I have tried keyboard-based navigation (being Emacs user :)), and haven'f found a way to reassign context menu button. The thing is Menu key is already heavy used in window manager context.

  • I tried an experiment and found that I could produce what I wanted by creating a folder in the Bookmarks Bar (which I simply called Bookmarks), and moving all my bookmarks into subfolders under that. It's maybe a half-second slower than I'd like, but it works.


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