Privacy is a dish best served piping hot

  • In today's world, the concepts of security, privacy and protection are paramount to technology professionals like myself. We're always trying to stay one step ahead of the culprits and their sites of entrapment that install code in many situations, behind the user's proverbial back. Vivaldi is creating a browser in a world that is already dominated by several browsers already. I think that they key to a successful alternative and being 'an innovator' as it was mentioned on their site, is to truly make a browser to the user's request. Especially in regards to online privacy and security. Let's face it, we all hate ads. We'd rather do away with them then to stare at them consistently. Malicious code at times can be hidden with advertisements on web site, as well as soak up internet bandwidth that we so desperately need and pay for. Why not have a built in feature to block ads, also to have the ability to select which cookies are saved and which ones terminate themselves when you navigate away from/close the tab. I'm specifically referring to extensions like uBlock Origin, and Self-Destructing Cookies which can be added to any flavor of Firefox/Waterfox. Make internet security and privacy a main focus for your browser, empower the user to take control of what they see when they surf the web. Gain the user's trust and keep their best intentions as part of your main focus ... that can set you apart from the 'competition'.


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