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  • A question came up about Vivaldi 1.0 at Are we the customers or the product? The browser is distributed freely and at no cost, so are we the product? And since it is Chrome based (Google), there's the concern that Vivaldi is really just an extension of the massive data collection and analysis performed by the Google servers. Is this the case? Can Vivaldi be set to be a reasonably private from Google and other snoops? I don't mean "Inprivate browsing" which merely erases the history locally, but I mean blocking any phoning home? Is snooping built in .. or are we protected from Google, Vivaldi Technologies, and anyone else who would appropriate our data? Thanks for any reply. 'So far Vivaldi seems wonderful, and 'am really enjoying learning it. I'm using the 64-bit version.

  • a german it-news magazine wrote in an article they asked tetzchner some questions.

    the last paragraph is:

    Die Macher von Vivaldi verdienen Geld vor allem mit Kooperationen. Vivaldi wird von Seitenbetreibern dafür bezahlt, dass ihre Webseite entsprechend prominent im Browser vertreten ist. Dafür wird Vivaldi mit einer Auswahl an Suchmaschinen und Lesezeichen ausgeliefert. Das geschehe auf Provisionsbasis, so dass Vivaldi bemüht sei, die Partner so auszuwählen, dass die Anwender das schätzten, betont von Tetzchner.

    whats like "we get a provision from pre-installed search-engines, bookmarks and speed-dials".

    but no idea if thats the whole truth…

  • Moderator

    Money? Vivaldi Techologies get it from:

    • Searchengine contracts and preinstalled commercial bookrmarks and SpeedDIal entries
    • and investments from the founders themselves.

    Not more.


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