• There is an entry in the "Local State" file named "machine_id": followed by a six-digit number. A can't delete this entry and when I change the number it changes back to its original value after the first launch of the browser. The number is different on another computer I've checked. As I remember, quite some time ago the devs announced the introduction of a unique identifier in the browser in order to gain more exact usage statictics. Is it probably that identifier? If it is: How long should it be applied? Somehow I thought it would be dropped as soon as the first final is released. Or should this be a permanent solution? If it is not: What is it then?

  • Hm. No one has any idea? Or nobody cares? Wasn't something similar a showstopper for many potential Chrome users back in the time as Chrome was released?

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    But i thought after disabling settings in vivaldi://settings/privacy/ no data about browser is transfered.

  • Thanks for your response.
    Well, I don't know whether the browser telemetrics can be completey switched off and, honestly said, I can't test it either. Therefore I've been hoping for some comments from those, who know more about what`s below the surface of a browser than me.
    I understand the importance of browser usage telemetrics for its development, but I don't feel very comfortable with a unique machine identifier in the browser. Although I started to follow Vivaldi's development at a rather early stage and I installed each new version as soon as it came out, the machine_id has kept me from using it extensivly and from making it to my main browser.


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