Google search not working on Quick launch when set as default search engine

  • Hi everyone. Could you please try this steps to see if you can replicate this behaviour. -> Open Settings window, then go to Search tab -> Set Google as your default search engine and close Setting window -> Open Quick launch (F2) and type something to search -> Press Enter key and... Nothing happens When I set back to Duckduckgo as default search engine and do the steps above mentioned, the search goes just fine (tried Bing also and it went fine as well). Could you please do and confirm so I can file a bug, if needed?

  • To search with google via 'Quick Commands' (F2) you just need to type 'g' in front of the search term. Take a look at this post.

    Edit: Your observation I can confirm on Mint 17.3 with Vivaldi 1.0.435.29 (Developer Build) dev (64-bit). Entering only a search term in 'Quick Commands' does nothing but with the 'g' in front of the search term it is working as well.

  • Thank you for confirming. I'll file a bug report.

    PS. The feature is named 'Quick commands' not quick launch, I'm sorry about that. I'm using a non-English version of the browser, so I didn't quite remember the correct name.


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