[MAJOR ISSUE] Vivaldi won't launch

  • When I click the Vivaldi icon, the application window doesn't appear. OS X shows the application is running and there is a menubar, but the menubar contents are very generic, have no shortcut keys, and every menu item is grayed out. The application window never shows up. There's no "New Tab" or "New Window" menu options, and "Quit" is grayed out. To try to solve this problem, I deleted: [code] /Applications/Vivalidi.app ~/Library/Application Support/Vivaldi ~/Library/Caches/Vivaldi [/code] I re-downloaded the latest build and that still had the same issues when I ran it from /Applications. I then ran it directly from the DMG and that, surprisingly, worked. After doing that, I was able to run it from /Applications and I was even able to copy back over my previous ~/Library/Application Support/Vivaldi profile and it launched correctly. Somehow, my Vivaldi got completely hosed. The only thing I did recently was install another Electron-style wrapped node.js application (Bootstrap Studio). I'm not sure if that caused any conflicts. Still, it seems to me that there is some lack of error handling in Vivaldi during startup.

  • I ran into a similar issue about a week ago, when I upgraded Vivaldi from one developer snapshot to the next: When I started the new version, the menu items were different and all grayed out. There was no browser window and I was not able to create a new one.

    Killing Vivaldi and restarting it didn't help, but when I decided to let it sit there for some time, eventually (i.e., after 5 minutes or so) a browser window appeared and it seemed to work normally again at first glance. There were still issues however (IIRC, the internal pages didn't work). I then decided to reboot my MacBook Pro and after that, Vivaldi worked normally again.

    Since the whole thing looked a bit like a freak incident and since I wasn't sure if the bug was related to any of my 15 browser extensions, I decided not to report it.

    TLDR: If you encounter this phenomenon, try restarting your Mac before you try deleting Vivaldi or its settings.


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