Easy way to add new search engines?

  • I like to add ebay, amazon, and a couple other odd ones. I managed to get ebay and amazon on there by altering the search url as is suggested in the settings area, but it is a pain, and it does not end up as nice (no logo). [b]Is there an easier way to do this? [/b] I know in firefox, for example, you can pretty much just go the the main website (www.amazon.com) and there will be an option in the search field to add the search engine. FWIW, I briefly tried looking in the chrome store for an extension, but the amazon extension seemed to want to do all sorts of things that I don't want, like pushing suggestions and notifications (sheesh). Perhaps I missed it though. Thanks in advance

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    I don't think you need any extensions. This is already possible in the latest Release Candidate, and presumably has been for some time.


  • Ah, okay. I missed it then. I was trying to do it from the vivaldi search bar, not the search in the window. Thank you very much (forehead)!

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    On this forum, the thread starter can edit the first post at any time to select the Green Tick icon to mark it as resolved. There is no time limit on editing posts or threads.

  • That was an oddly passive aggressive way of suggesting that I mark it resolved. Okay, then.

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    That was an oddly passive aggressive way of suggesting that I mark it resolved. Okay, then.

    What utter bullshit. I can see that you're new to this forum and so I don't expect you to know this. In no way was I criticising you for not marking the thread as resolved. How could you do that if you're new here and don't know how it can be done? Most forums won't allow you to edit posts after a short period, usually 24 hours, and only a few have a button for marking resolved threads.

    I offered you some helpful advice that will benefit you and all other users. Whether you heed that advice and learn to mark your threads as a question, a suggestion, or as resolved is entirely up to you. The facility is provided for the benefit of forum users.

  • You are right, I am new here… But not new to forums, or general politeness. Please keep in mind that sometimes the written word does not come across with the inflection and manner that the author intended. So, perhaps I jumped the gun, and for that I apologize.

    Having said that, you are right. I am new to this forum. And while you were very helpful in helping me with my issue, this interaction has in no way fostered a good feeling with the "Vivaldi Community". So, if you are willing to take ANY advice, maybe taking a step back, a deep breath, and looking the situation over is a good idea before you instantly react (yes I am aware that I can take the same advice).

    Have a good day.


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